Week 2: A couple of videos to reflect on for this Week’s topic

Hi Class,

In conjunction with what we have and are learning thus far I have a couple of situations for you below.

In the two videos below are a couple of instances where Ethics in the field of play are questioned.

In the first video you are watching A soccer match between France and Ireland for a spot in the world cup South Africa 2010. What happens is a hand ball on a game winning and spot clinching goal. A hand ball in soccer is a rule violation that in turn gives the ball to the non violating team. In this case, it would have been Ireland receiving the ball after this such action and the goal would not have counted. Please share your thoughts on the following questions.

How should the player react to his action?

Should there be a rule change to place a referee assistant behind the goal for instances such as this to be spotted and addressed?

Should a challenge system or video replay such as in hockey be used for these types of situations?

In this video you are watching a clip of a game between the Chicago Bulls and The Toronto Raptors In this situation you see Jarrett Jack of the Raptors stop in the middle of play and start tying his shoe. Now the ball is still live and in play. As you can see the Bulls wait for Jarrett Jack to finish and continue play.

How would you react to such a situation on both sides of the ball?

What type of ethical dilemma is displayed here?

Courtesy of LA Times:
Toronto's Jarrett Jack ties shoe during live action
December 7, 2009

Toronto's Jarrett Jack gave new meaning to the stop-and-go offense during the Raptors' 110-78 victory over the Chicago Bulls on Saturday.
With a big lead in the final seconds of the third quarter, Jack decided to tie his shoe while holding onto the ball during live play. Even worse, the guy guarding him, Chicago's Luol Deng, doesn't even attempt to challenge for the ball.

Please remember this is only an area of viewing. The interactions and responses to the videos must be completed in classroom's discussion board area. If you have any questions please let me know.