Week 2: A couple of more videos to reflect on for this Week’s topic

Hi Class,

Last week we learned of the ethos of the game and how rules are made for sport to be fair and fun for all involved. However, many times rules are changed either for the better or worse of the sport.
Rule changes can become ethical dilemmas or situations of ethical reasoning’s.

In the following videos please watch and think about:

How you would react to the rule change being discussed?

Is there an ethical issue being violated or pushed to its limit with the rule change?

Does this rule change create a change in ethos of the game for the better or worse of those involved in the sport in question?

I look forward to your responses.


OTL: Danger on The Ice

Should The NHL Eliminate Headshots?

Are Concussions Unavoidable In Hockey?

Please remember this is only an area of viewing. The interactions and responses to the videos must be completed in classroom's discussion board area. If you have any questions please let me know.