Week 7: Video on Energy Drinks

Hi class,

Below is a video on a very interesting and new subject to enter the Sports realm as all Sports and its athletes at every level are becoming bigger, stronger, and faster at all levels. Please view the video and think about the following:

What, if any, moral or ethical issues are at hand in the video?

What are your initial thoughts on what they would like to impose or put into law for the issue at hand?

Since this is geared mainly towards High School and below, how would you handle this from the standpoint of your career aspiration?

For example, if you are the coach how would you handle this or if you are a front office employee and your athletes want to endorse such a product knowing it is geared towards the youth how would you handle this, and etc.? Just a couple of ways to think about this topic.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.


Please remember this is only an area of viewing. The interactions and responses to the videos must be completed in classroom's discussion board area. If you have any questions please let me know.